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Back Porch Decorating // Crate & Barrel

Sarah Hollingshead1 Comment

Hey friends! I have missed you! As many of you know... we DECORATED our back porch and we had the BEST time doing it! 

We partnered with Crate and Barrel to share our porch with you guys and it was hard to keep this one quiet! I've been super excited about it for a while and definitely have a hard time keeping secrets. Harper actually sat with me and helped pick out some of her favorite pieces too! 

(all pictures are by RICH POTOGRAPHY <3 more on that below...)

I know it's hard to believe we decorated our porch, considering we have been here well over a year. I think it's mainly because we have been working on the inside the most.

Let's talk about the furniture we chose! There are so many incredible pieces and looks in Crate and Barrel’s outdoor line. I wanted something light, so I can easily move it around as needed. I love these Regatta Lounge Chairs and Ottomans so much that I jumped out of my comfort zone with the stripes. The pattern screams summer fun, and I am here for the party! 

When I bought this farmhouse, it came with speakers installed on the back porch, so it's a perfect place for a dance off and just hanging out together! Music is a must! 

We also added the Salome Charcoal Grey Indoor/Outdoor Rug, which has a soft, braided texture that is all together beautiful. Durability is key here, because you want a nice sturdy outdoor rug (a.k.a. not flopping with the wind)! It ties everything together nicely.

These gorgeous Lattice Circle Large Side Tables are the perfect home for your favorite flower pot. The tables are super light and versatile, easy for moving around and perfect for a space of any size. Add your favorite book and a cup of coffee, and you are set! After all, you can’t go wrong with white coffee cups and saucers paired with fun outdoor plates and patterns. The silverware is one of our favorites and we use them all the time, called Harper Rose Gold Flatware

We love this gorgeous view of the countryside! That tree on the hill is our favorite! 

If you are looking for a fun way to add more seating that is affordable, you can throw some larger pillows on the floor. They are super inviting.

You guys, this teepee from Land of Nod looks like it was made for our back porch! It’s so fun and surprisingly really easy to put together! Harper loves bringing all her animals inside and reading them books! I can just see her playing in it with her sweet little friends. 

One of the things I love is that the teepee floor cushion is amazingly soft and firm. It’s a total game changer! I never realized how much a cushion would make a difference. 

(This is pretty much us all the time. I am either laughing at her or she is laughing at me.)

Our shoes are from Joy Folie, one of our favorite clothing & shoe brands. 🌸

And how adorable is this Larry The Llama Ride On?! I can’t even deal. Wish it was adult sized! Harp has had so much fun with it. Now I know for sure what I am gifting all my friends with babies.

We had so much fun spending time together enjoying our yummy brunch and just being together.  She is such a blessing in my life. 

If your day on the porch stretches into the night, light up your summer gatherings with lanterns and candles. You can't go wrong with string lights!! 

We hope you enjoyed all the pictures and have the best time making memories, decorating your sweet porch!&nbsp;

We hope you enjoyed all the pictures and have the best time making memories, decorating your sweet porch! 

BIG Thank you to Emily with Rich Photography! She took all these incredible pictures! Not only is Emily a photographer but also a jewelry designer. All of her jewelry is handmade and truly beautiful! You can see it all here. Her jewelry is called Emily Anne Accessories I am blessed to know her and work with her often!

BIG thank you to Crate & Barrel for partnering with us once again. They are an incredible brand that we love and believe in. It's always an honor. 

Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read this post. Your support means so much to us! I am fortunate to be doing what I love and without you, this wouldn't be possible. Have fun decorating your porch and have a great rest of the day too! 


Sarah & Harper