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Back to the basics// Bedding Basics // The Company Store

Sarah Hollingshead1 Comment

Hey friends. I have been so excited to share this post with you guys. It's all about getting back to the basics of bedding, sheets, pillows, comforters and more. There is so much more than just finding sheets and a comforter for your bed. We partnered with The Company Store on this blog post to share all their basic bedding choices. If you don't know The Company Store, they are owned by one of my favorite companies...Home Depot!

Yes, can you believe it? It's amazing! You will have to check out their website and see everything they have, which is a lot! One of the things I love most about them is that they give back to the community, aside from their gorgeous bedding. They have helped so many people and organizations. It's truly inspiring. 


Let's talk basics! When it comes to bedding, I look for comfort, durability and texture.

First, comfort. I chose the LoftAIRE Reversible Mattress Topper, which is super comfy. It gives your bed a good hug! Think fluffy cloud. If firm is more your thing, they have several firm mattress pads as well. I love this one most because it is reversible, so you can flip it! It's also a great down- alternative, hypoallergenic and provides allergy relief to those allergic to down! I love how fluffy it is. 


Second, durability. You want durability in bedding, bedding that lasts a long time! I believe you have met your match. The quality and durability is on point. I got the Comfort Wash Solid Linen Bedding! It is everything. I got white, and they are just yummy. One big thing about linen is it gets softer over time. Linen is timeless and very luxurious. 

This is my first linen bedding and I am really impressed. They make me happy! 

Comfy pillows are really important. These are super fluffy pillows, the kind that takes you far away to dream land! I got 4 supreme down pillows that are hypoallergenic. It actually has a lifetime guarantee. They are magic, you guys. Honestly, if the basics are good. Life is good. 


Third, texture. 

Texture adds flavor to any room! Texture is everything. In decorating, you need a wonderful mixture of textures. Why not do that with your bedding too? This coverlet really makes my heart sing! Gah!! I love it. It is the Hillcrest Matelassé Coverlet and gives all the vintage vibes. Don't you think?


I honestly wasn't going for romantic bedding but wow! It turned out that way. Makes me so happy. It looks as cozy as it feels. When you're buying bedding, consider all the comfort possibilities! The Company Store has several comfort guides at the bottom of their website to help you better understand your bedding needs. It helped me a lot. 


We all need a place we can escape to. 


I think I need a nap now! May be here for a while. Haha! 


Of course, you could always add a fun throw too and some throw pillows. But this time around I wanted to share the foundation of bedding and then you can build onto that. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read all about the basics! Let me know if you have any questions or want anymore advice in choosing your bedding. I am happy to help you in the comments section! Big thanks to The Company Store and for making beautiful bedding. Have a beautiful week, friends!