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As a parent we worry about our children’s safety. I know when I brought Harper home from the hospital and looked into those big blue eyes, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was so in love and petrified at the same time. There were so many how to mom books and baby books out there. I was completely overwhelmed. Being a parent is the most rewarding and scariest thing at the same time! You have this gorgeous child you get to raise and you want to do the best job possible. Clean & Happy is a new application and website geared towards providing information and solid advice for parents and caregivers! I wish they had this app when I first became a Mama. It is so helpful. Hello lifesaver!! Lol! Okay so the app is tailored toward parents that are passionate about making decisions in keeping their families safe, clean and happy. Their primary goal is for this community to make safe, clean, happy homes, so that we can have time for the most important things, like quality family time. The best part is you can stay connected with other parents to navigate through the stages of life. I am all for some parent talk! I love that they are believers in making parenting young children less isolating and confusing, especially for first time parents!


How it works:

You can log on online at CleanandHappy.com or download the app (available on iPhone and Android devices) and participate in the conversation board, sharing thoughts and experiences on parenting and home safety topics. Creating an account is simple and free and can be done so by visiting www.cleanandhappy.com


Honestly, I love the extra help, especially being a single mother. I have already been using it and find everything so helpful. My Mom will thank me because she will be getting a lot less calls!! Haha!! 


Thank you for coming by today! Let me know what you think about the app. We believe home safety is so important, all while being a parent and raising your children on solid positive values.