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Merry & Bright // Cozy Christmas with The Company Store

Sarah HollingsheadComment

All is Merry & Bright!


WE ARE SO EXCITED! It’s Christmas Eve and it’s honestly the greatest time of the year! We love everything about the holidays! Think family and lots of cozy. To end this year out right, we are so grateful to partner with THE COMPANY STORE to share some super cozy bedding around the Christmas tree!!


When we say cozy I mean the coziest bedding! The Company Store makes some incredible durable bedding. This duvet is heaven and it’s insulated with the comfiest down comforter. You can find the duvet HERE.

We chose the LaCrosse® Down & LoftAIRE Dual Comforter to put inside the gorgeous duvet. It is super soft and feels like a big giant cloud! We honestly didn’t even feel like we were sleeping on the floor! It’s that amazing y’all.


The coyote faux fur blanket is on clearance right now! We take it in almost every room. It’s super soft and just gorgeous. The color is perfect for cozy winter.

These precious moments. Harper is all excited for Santa to come! These are memories we make every year and I so look forward to them. She loves having a sleepover by the Christmas tree!! I hope you all start doing this with your family! I think it would be fun to have a GIANT sleepover for the holidays!!


Our green LaCrosse® Down and LoftAIRE Blanket / Throw is awesome!! The color is so good and it is super soft. We will be using it years to come!


She asked Santa for LOL dolls and for her family to be happy. She said she has all she has ever wanted. Makes me cry. I am beyond grateful for her!! She doesn’t know it but we got her a big farmhouse dollhouse too!!! I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow morning!!


Sweet angel.


All the pillows are so soft. Here are a few we used:

Best Down Pillow

LoftAIRE Pillows

Supreme Down Pillow


This will be James Taylor’s first Christmas! We are all excited to spend it together. They are so precious. My heart is full and now we are adding more to the family!! It’s the BEST Christmas ever!!


Cheekies!! I love her.


y’all know we are going to fight over this bedding, right?! I mean, I think we know who will win but gosh it’s the softest.


We had the best time and want to thank The Company Store for partnering with us the Christmas Eve. They make the best home decor and are give back so much. It’s an honor to work with them.

Have the Merriest Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

Lots of love,
Sarah & HARPER