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Happiness // Charleston & Valentine's Day // Our Vintage Farmhouse

Sarah Hollingshead18 Comments

Well, I'd be lying if I said this BIG grin isn't from that handsome thang beside me! I met a good one! His name is Johnny and he is from New York. He calls me country and I call him city! Harper loves him to pieces. 


Aren't they just the cutest?! They are besties and it makes my heart melt. Every time I go to give him a kiss, Harper one ups me and gives him two. It just makes me so happy to see them spend time together and see Harper happy! 

He is a good man that works hard and has made a great life for himself. Johnny is inspiring and charming, loving and hopeful. Honestly, I was scared to even go on a date with him! I never get a babysitter and was just nervous all together! Like changed my outfit three times and talked myself out of it the whole way. We ate at a sweet little Italian restaurant and kind of just locked eyes and couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't even read the menu, I was so excited and nervous. After our date we started seeing each other as much as possible! 

Life has a funny way of truly working out for the best. I believe no matter what happens in life, you should never give up on love. There were days I felt like my heart would never be the same, like my heart was gone.  Faith makes you stronger. God gives you unbelievable strength when you give it all to him and just put yourself out there, as hard as it is. I am thankful for his grace and love that lasts forever. That love kept me going. Now meeting someone so special makes everything even better. I hope it works out, but if it doesn't I will continue to put myself out there because we all deserve to be loved and take chances. 

Last weekend we went to Charleston for a quick trip. Harper did really well with the drive. The weather was beautiful. The sun was pouring into the streets of downtown as we walked around. "Insert magical sun beams." Lunch at Magnolia's was so good too! The food was delish! We highly recommend it, along with the restaurant FIG. Soooo good!!




She loved everything about the beach, even though it was a super windy + chilly day! It was so beautiful seeing her smile from ear to ear and run back and forth into the water, scooping up wet sand in her hands and throwing it. 

(My outfit is from Show Me Your MuMu & Harper's romper is from Crew & Lu.)


Harper's sweet little sparkle shoes are joyfolie


We made some fun memories in Charleston and can't wait to stay longer next time!  I picked up some goodies at a local antique store that I am sharing soon!! 


We stopped in Asheville on the way home, eating barbecue and dessert at Smallcakes! Y'all have to try it! They have incredible cupcakes and homemade ice cream! Yummy! 


Valentine's Day was magical! For starters, Johnny and I went to a great little bistro called the Dancing Bear last weekend! We celebrated early! The restaurant was insanely beautiful. I actually posted some pictures on my IG stories. We went to the movies afterwards and exchanged gifts. It was very sweet. (On Christmas Johnny bought harper some beautiful outfits! He told her to pick out one to wear because he was going to take her out for valentines day!) Fast forward to Valentine's Day, Johnny pulled up and knocked on the door with a bouquet of hershey chocolates, stuffed lion and Harper's fav dvd. It was so dang precious!! Harper grinned from ear to ear! I curled her hair "just right"! She just beamed and had been talking about their date for weeks! Johnny helped each of us to the door and treated us like princesses! I loved watching harper just feel so special. We are blessed. 

I told you I found a good one! I can't wait to share more of our adventures and more of Johnny! Sending lots of love your way! Don't let fear hold you back from the love you deserve. Find happiness in yourself first and don't be afraid to put yourself out there!