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Hilton Head Island // Our Vintage Farmhouse // Sonesta Resort

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Hey friends! It’s been too long!! A while back, we went to Hilton Head to see the Festival of Trees at Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island and it was pretty amazing! I know a lot of you all followed us in our stories and posts and watched our videos but I wanted to share some more pictures here!! It was honestly so much fun. We had never been to Hilton Head in the winter. It is one of the best times to go, especially around Christmas! It’s beautiful and everything is all lit up!! This was our second trip to Sonesta! 


You an see our first youtube video below! We are doing more videos soon of our house and travel! I am not the best at vlogging (video blog)  but I will get better! I promise. I hope you love it. We truly had a blast! You can subscribe to our YouTube HERE


Every day looked like this. 


And every night looked just like this! All the glow!

Our outfits are from Velveteen Clothing! I love their outfits, especially the mommy & me matching outfits!!





We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves, which was really nice. The water was cold but it was still fun and the sun warmed us up! The beach is beautiful and so is the hotel. 


Luckily, the pool was heated so we got to swim a lot. Harper loved it. 




Sonesta had it all decorated! It was gorgeous!! 


She said can we take these home?! haha! I wish! 


Deep Well Project is amazing.

All the proceeds go to help a local family in need. There were a ton of Christmas trees! Each had their own signature design and theme. They were all special and unique. I was like a kid in a candy store because Christmas is my favorite! Harper loved it as much as me!! We would go to the lobby during the day and night to look at all of them. The white train tree and troll trees were her favorite! I love to give back and see companies give back as well. I couldn't help but think all the families and schools they were helping out. It is so giving of Sonesta. I thought about all the happy faces on Christmas morning, all because the hotel and such a giving community. Hilton Head is such a tight knit community and it's really lovely to see!! 


The hotel looked amazing with all the trees wrapped in Christmas lights. Harper loved it so much!!  


Blurry but a goody! She will always be my little girl. I love her so much! 


BRUNCH at the Hotel


Y'all, we brunched it up! Every day is brunch day! The hotel has the best food! I am serious. I know you don't hear that much. Everything tasted different and so good! Nothing tasted the same. I love some food. H loved making her own waffles every morning. They have an awesome omelette stand where you can create your own! We got a little bit of everything! We ate at Heyword's Restaurant for brunch, it's inside the hotel. 

One day Harper was playing with her plate while I was packing on the eggs in the brunch line and I told her to be careful. She kept playing and sure enough it broke into so many pieces! I was embarrassed. One of the employees came over and instantly gave Harper a hug and another plate. Then two other waitresses came over and cleaned it up quickly before I could even get all the pieces picked up and told her it was ok. It really meant a lot to us! The staff were super considerate and made sure to make Harper feel special. They have a great staff and go above and beyond. They even text you to rate your stay and ask if you need anything. It is really thoughtful. 

And since we are talking about food, here's a few of our favorite restaurants outside of the hotel!

OLD OYSTER FACTORY // Get everything on the menu! It was so good! Crab Cake Dinner

SKULL CREEK BOATHOUSE //Sushi & Low Country Boil

THE SALTY DOG CAFE // Snow Crab Leg Dinner is amaze! 




Day Trip to Savannah 


We also took a quick trip to Savannah for the day! It isn't very far from the hotel. We loved the shops, carriage ride and restaurants. I will post more on my next blog post because I actually went back to Savannah after this trip! I have all kinds of good stuff to share! 


Savannah's Candy Kitchen was everything! We wanted everything! haha! We talked Uncle Sam into going in with us. He is such a good sport! 

I love my ESCAPE bag! It is the best bag to travel with and beautifully designed. You can get it   here. 

I love my ESCAPE bag! It is the best bag to travel with and beautifully designed. You can get it here. 

Back at The Sonesta 


There are so many beautiful and fun spots in Sonesta! I mean, can I just take this gorgeous couch with me?! Ah! Love! 

My dress: Mister Zimi

My bag: Polene Paris


Okay, I know it's blurry but it is still beautiful! You get all the glimmery vibes even outside the hotel. 


Happy dance!! We will definitely be back to Hilton Head again soon! Thank you for stopping by friends! Make sure to comment your favorite place in Hilton Head or around the area, so we can check it out next time! Big hugs! Love you all!

BIG thank you to Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island for inviting us to the Festival of Trees! Hope you all get to see it next year!! 


Sarah & Harper