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Mini Kitchen Remodel // Pottery Barn

Sarah Hollingshead3 Comments

A few simple changes can make a huge impact. 


I've been dreaming of freshening up the kitchen for a while now. I fell in love with my kitchen at first sight. I love the galley style kitchen and open shelving that originally came with the house when I bought it. The previous owners did a fantastic job designing it and the pinewood floors are everything! No farmhouse is complete without a large farmhouse sink! I wanted to freshen up the walls and make it bright in here because there isn't a lot of natural light, other than the two windows and then side door window. I also wanted to lower the shelves some and make them more user friendly! Although beautiful, shelves I had were not wide or thick enough. 


The Paint.

I went through some gorgeous paint colors from Pottery Barn and decided on the brightest clean color, Sherwin Williams Extra White. Sometimes it is hard to purchase paint online but I recommend zooming in on the color with your phone and holding it up to your wall like a swatch on the spot! It did match perfectly. The color was super clean and turned out better than I even imagined. Luckily, I had help from my friend Charlie Bryant with Bryant Construction! They helped paint and hang the floating shelves. We actually hung them together and they were very easy. 


The Shelves.

The  shelves are even more beautiful in person! I mean, I knew they had texture but goodness, there is all kinds of juicy texture and different colored browns all wrapped into one. I like the chunky look and felt the length was perfect for my kitchen. I also think they would look pretty lined up from top to bottom on a wall in a dining room! The shelves are from Pottery Barn as well and super affordable. I got them here. The biggest thing I recommend is to have help hanging the shelves because they are a little heavy and you wouldn't want to risk dropping them and scratching your walls! Once you screw the long bracket in, you lift the shelf up and push it down flush to the wall and it clasps from there. Pretty genius! I have tested out the durability and it is super durable! I am talking these dishes are really heavy and it didn't even budge! 


The Decor. 

This part is my favorite. Think first, what do you want most from your kitchen? For me, I want to be able to utilize this space as much as possible! I used the long shelving so I can stack different plates, cups, plants, and almost anything else i can imagine! I want to have a nice space for my coffee area and then another for my go to dishes above the oven. After styling them, I started decorating the left over space on the shelves and build from there! The best way to get a fresh look is to add rustic vases like these and then fill them with your favorite flowers. I love all the different vase heights. It just flows effortlessly through the room. I plan on using them all the all year round. The cutting boards are great to add throughout so you can use them quickly for all your yummy recipes. These trays are awesome! They add height like the vases and you can put hand soap on them, all the way to candles. I placed the napkins on the shelves and left some out on the counter too. They are super durable and I use them for more than just napkins. I have used them to dry dishes with too and they work great. They are pretty even just stacked on your shelf. 


I am so happy with how everything turned out. The color turned out perfectly and the shelves are fabulous! This proves that paint and some lovely shelves can truly transform any room! It is a lot brighter in here now! We painted the cabinets with the same paint on the walls. This made the countertop really pop! I have already spilled spaghetti on one of the cabinets and didn't know until the next day. It freaked me out. I used soap and water and it came off instantly! Yass! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you all love everything. It's been hard keeping it quiet this long! 


This blog post does contain some affiliate links. 


Thank you so much for checking out our mini kitchen remodel! Hope you loved it!! Have an amazing day!! 



Ps Big thanks to Pottery Barn for helping make this happen! Big thanks to Sherwin Williams too! We can't wait to share recipes and so many more pictures of memories we create in here with you!!