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New Bedroom Makeover // Happy Valentine’s Day // Our Vintage Farmhouse

Sarah Hollingshead2 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day loves. 

Valentine's Day always makes me happy! Because who doesn't want to celebrate love?! It's everything. I love my blue eyed baby girl bunches. I told her this morning that this is our fourth year celebrating together. She smiled so big and handed me the sweetest card she made. I couldn't make out the words but I'll keep it forever. She also made up a song for me and it was precious. I couldn't wait until today and had her open up all her gifts last night! I not the best at keeping surprises. Made me so happy to see her all excited! I even had to find her a tiara that magical powers. Do y'all know how hard that is to find on amazon?! haha! Let me show you some fun pictures...


These are her handmade cards for her sweet friends! She was so excited to hand them out to her friends today. Harper is such a giver! Makes me proud.


Harper "bought" me some flowers and pillows at pottery barn! I can't wait to share with y'all all I got! 


My bedroom!


I saved up and bought this headboard at Pottery Barn in December for my birthday and Christmas! I love it! They make it by hand so it took a few weeks to get here. I love the texture and the tufted fabric is beautiful. 

The nightstands are perfect for this space. I am going to style it more soon. Just wanted to get some pictures out here for you to see. I will add more vintage style books here and some ceramic vases. I got the nightstands from Pottery Barn. I love how much space the drawers have and the shelves are just a bonus. The other side is my side of the bed and I have some of my favorite books stacked up in the corner. I have so many half read books, it's not even funny. 


Let's talk chandelier!

I got this bad boy at 24 E Design Co. It's the Geoffrey Chandelier and honestly, I saw it hanging in their shop and it stopped me right in my tracks! I was like, I have to have this!! It's even more gorgeous in person. I love the contrast it adds to the room and the overall rustic aesthetic vibe.

I am sharing more about 24 E Design Co. in a few days! I have a lot of pretty pictures I took there in Savannah! You're gonna freak with everything I found there. 



I gave you some easy clickable links below...

Shop my bedroom.


I am thinking about taking the basket down. I am also changing out the mirrors we have in the entryway and hanging them over the nightstands! They are going to be a little bit taller than the headboard, but I think they will be perfect :)


After I save up enough money, I am going to take the window down here and put french doors in it's place! It will be perfect to walk out on to the porch and get on the swing bed! I also plan on making a corner for my easel outside on the porch to paint there too!! 


The vase holder and the basket are both part of our collection with Painted Fox!

You can get it the vase here and the baskets here! They are both on sale right now! I love how you can change out different flowers and mix it up. The baskets are so pretty and Harper likes to hide my stuff in them. 


This is my new cozy corner! My brother's friend moved the settee into the living room and then this bad boy right here! I need to get a wider curtain rod and curtains but  I love it here. On a sunny day, you can see out on the front porch and all the gorgeous rosebushes. 

This blanket is my absolute favorite! We both fight over it constantly. I mean, she always wins though. haha! 

The pillow and purse are part of our Painted Fox Collection too! I got the Sugarboo pillow here and the bag here

I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day and rest of the week. Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and read about the bedroom makeover and us! Lots of love to you and your family!!