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Music to Your Ears // Our Vintage Farmhouse Playlist

Sarah Hollingshead2 Comments

I dance with Harper any chance I get. We cook, clean and paint to music, there is always a song playing. My friends think it’s funny because I literally know every song on the radio. That’s how much I love it! 

Many of you guys have asked what songs are on our IG stories?! What keeps you so positive? (MUSIC) I get asked that about 10 times a day, guaranteed!! Well, I finally sat down and made a playlist for YOU! Normally, I would play it on SoundCloud but I couldn’t figure out how to share it with you, so I made shareable pictures! I’m going to share a throwback playlist soon! These are songs I play on my IG stories, paint to and share on instagram when we make videos. Please comment if you want to see more playlists! Feel free to PIN these to Pinterest or share on Facebook & Instagram with your friends!! 


Sarah H. 


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