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Savannah Shopping // My Favorite Home Store in all Savannah

Sarah HollingsheadComment

Hey loves! How are you? How is life? Life is so good, even though I am still so behind from my allergic reaction. lol. I am looking at the bright side. Coffee in hand and the sun is shining. Today I woke up with a lot on my mind, trying to finish the youtube home tour and decide what editing needs to be done on that piece. I am also working on finishing up taxes so fun! haha! Anyways, lets get to the good GOOD stuff! I am super excited to finally share my favorite store in all of Savannah, Georgia. We actually just got back from Savannah again late Sunday night for a last minute trip to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday! 

We have spent so much time in Savannah and believe me, I have shopped at so many stores! 

My favorite store of all time in Savannah is 24E Design Co! I stumbled across this store last year shopping with my brother! There was a hanging swing bed covered in fluffy pillows in the window and it instantly caught my attention. Everything in the store is unique and beautiful. 

Flash forward to a couple months ago and I actually got the pleasure to meet the owner Ruel Joyner who is one of the most awesome people I think I will ever meet. I went to the front desk this time and said is the owner here by any chance? Then heard a guy sitting at a large medal table made out of AIRPLANE pieces say, "Hey! I am Ruel. I am the owner." He sat there sipping his coffee and was like what's up! I instantly knew we would be friends. He showed us around the store and talked about his story. He comes from a family of designers and has several other creative designers that work for him. They build tables, swings, aviation furniture, sculptures, pretty much anything you can think up- they build/sale and they have so many one of kind pieces and lots of VINTAGE!


"This is not furniture for the meek. Spanning three generations, the Joyner family has worked, lived, and played on Broughton Street, in Savannah, Georgia. In 2000 Ruel Joyner put his thumbprint on the family business designing and curating originally designed furnishings and objects from all over the globe. Over the years, he and his wife Delaine, molded 24e Design into an open creative space where people can be inspired by designs and take part in an experience that is travelled." - 24estyle.com


I posted about this gorgeous light I got from their store a while back! Hopefully you remember that post, if not go back to my instagram and see more pictures later! 

This chandelier is my absolute favorite! I love it hanging in my bedroom. It is rustic and so beautiful. I have never seen one like it before. 

It's the Geoffrey Chandelier and you can actually purchase this exact one HERE. 


Isn't his Ruel's store so beautiful? I literally want everything they have!!! 



We got the opportunity to see his storage building. If you were lucky enough to watch my instagram stories, you got to see it with us! I was blown away!! Truly! Everything was awesome. I was like a kid in a candy store :) 


This is one of the most beautiful American flags I have ever seen and it is vintage! 


It is incredible how he mixes vintage and new so well. I never wanted to leave!! 

There were giant pieces of airplanes laying around all neatly in the middle that he is going to craft into gorgeous chairs and so many other amazing pieces. He had more chandeliers than I could even count and gorgeous wood floor squares you could buy that piece together so beautifully! 


These airplane parts turn into these chairs... 


"Tradition and travel. Born from the recycled parts of a McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 twin-engine these armchairs are an original 24e DESIGN and the latest addition to our Aviation Collection. 

Made with aluminum and suede these twin chairs were crafted with precision and detail for a modern day Neil Armstrong. You can purchase them HERE.


THEY are fantastic!! I was blown away by how well they Aviation Chairs are made. I would love to have one some day and more rustic pieces in my house. 

It was wonderful learning about his story and how his family got started! He took over his Father's business. It was truly inspiring. He has worked with so many incredible people and companies. 

Let me know when you get to see 24E Design Co yourself and tell Ruel I said hey!! I would love to see your pictures too. 

Lots of love,