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Thank You Country Living Magazine!! // Our Vintage Farmhouse

Sarah Hollingshead2 Comments

You guys! My mind is still blown right now! I can't even believe that Country Living Magazine included us with such amazing bloggers!! We are beyond honored to be featured!! 



Country Living's Blog post is titled "21 Talented Bloggers That Deserve Their Own HGTV Show!!!" You can find it here! Thank you for your sweet words about Harper and all the above! 


Ok, so if that wasn't crazy enough... Cosmopolitan picked up the article (click here to see it) and ran with it too!!

I seriously spit my coffee on my computer when someone forwarded it to me, y'all. Bing, checked my mail. Wait for it....COSMO?! Lawd, I am speechless. The fact that people even think we deserve an HGTV show is awesome in itself. If it happens someday, we promise to not disappoint! Decorating, designing and dance parties everywhere. Harper would steal the show, naturally. If you can get past our country twang! Haha! Everyone listed in the article deserves it all and more! It truly is an honor. 


Two years ago, I never would of thought this would be my life. We are just truly thankful, y'all! You've been so good to us. Harper is my driving force. Making her proud is everything to me and having your support is the icing on the cake!! We are just two small town girls living in East Tennessee and thankful for anything coming our way. It has been such a great ride so far!

Big THANK YOU to Country Living Magazine & Cosmopolitan!! 

Have a beautiful day!